Sunday, December 28, 2008

Derek Lowe to the Mets?

GM Omar Minaya has told everyone that nothing is imminent, but this signing would make a lot of sense. After adding both K-Rod and Putz the pen looks pretty solid. The rotation is pretty questionable, especially with Perez still testing the free agent waters. Lowe isn't an ace, but he's a solid 3. With the Yankees out of the way and the Red Sox not biting, the Mets have to be the front runner at this point.

Another thing to look out for is the Mets joining the Manny Ramirez race. We know Minaya loves him and they could use a left fielder. I'm not convinced in Delgado putting up big numbers in 2009. Bringing Manny back to NY is a huge risk because there will be a ton of distractions. But the guy can hit and they might be able to get him on the cheap. I think it just comes down to Minaya convincing ownership. Stay tuned.

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