Monday, December 29, 2008

Mangini Fired

Woody Johnson tipped us off to this one. I had very high hopes when the Jets hired Mangini that he was going to be a career coach for the Jets. I feared that he was too young and needed more experience. Experience that he would get with the Jets and then go on to be a terrific coach.

I don't like this move because I don't think it was very well thought out. Who are the Jets going to get? Is Cowher coming? It doesn't seem like it, but money could make anything happen I guess.

The Jets had a whole new defense, a new quarteback and a new offensive line. It takes time to learn about a team. I don't think 1 year was enough. Look at the Giants with Coughlin. Patience can pay off. Now the Jets start over.

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Matthew said...

Mangini had 3 years. He was lucky in season 1, showed his true colors down the stretch in season 2 and the second half of season 3. Another year would have been worse. The talent is there, all that is needed is a QB (cassel?) and a coach (Cowher, please!)