Saturday, December 27, 2008

New York Football this weekend

It's the last week of the season and the Jets and Giants are headed in opposite directions.

Can the Jets right the ship? I think so, but unfortunately they are going to need help. The Jets need to win and have either the Patriots or Ravens lose for them to make the playoffs. A Jets win and Pats loss and the Jets win the division. A Jets win and a Ravens loss and the Jets are the six seed.

First, can the Jets win? I certainly think so. The Dolphins have been playing well but they aren't that good. The Chiefs almost beat them last week. Sure, Chad Pennington is going to be motivated but we've all seen enough of him to know his limitations. I really think the Jets will pull this one out.

The bigger problem is that the Pats are at the Bills and the Ravens are at home against the Jags. I find it hard to believe the Pats are going to lose this game. They have too much experience and they are too well coached. The Ravens at home against a Jaguars team that has nothing to play for? The Ravens defense alone is probably good enough to win this one by themselves. Crazy things happen in the NFL, but I see both the Pats and the Ravens winning these games.

As for the Giants? Sit your stars. Momentum is great, but if David Carr has to start in the playoffs it won't matter.

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