Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No Bill Cowher

Well its official. As suspected, Bill Cowher is not coming to the Jets. Don't get all excited about Shanahan because that won't happen either.

I'm getting more and more concerned that the Jets had no plan when they fired Mangini. In my eyes you fire a coach for 2 reasons:

1. you have a much better coach that you know you will get
2. the coach has no chance of turning the team around because either they are not a good coach or they have lost the team

All the ESPN fodder is garbage. Yeah, he should've never lost to Seattle and you can make the case that he deserves to be fired. But it's not about whether or not he deserves it, it's about whether or not the Jets are better off without him. My guess is they won't be.

As for why the Jets fired Mangini, it's clear the Jets did not have a much better coach they knew they could get. So the question is did Mangini have a chance to turn the Jets around? I think he most certainly did. He's got the ability and he was just getting to know these players. Remember Bill Belichick got fired from his first coaching job with the Browns. How do you think they feel about that?

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