Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BCS Championship Preview

#1 vs. # 2. Last year's Heisman vs. this year's Heisman. Bob Stoops vs. Urban Meyer.

There are a lot of great match-ups in this game, but the last two BCS Championship Games have been blowouts. Florida and LSU beat up on Ohio State and placed the SEC on a pedestal as the premiere conference in college football. Will Oklahoma suffer a similar fate?

We've all read about Oklahoma's prolific offense which scored 60+ points in its last 6 games. They haven't played a defense as good as Florida's, but they are going to score points. The key to this game is whether or not Oklahoma will be able to prevent Florida's offense and special teams units from making big plays.

The Sooner front four on defense is very solid, lead by projected top-10 pick DT Gerald McCoy. However, their back seven lacks speed and may be susceptible to big plays. Brandon James' return ability is a huge factor as well.

The last two games were decided by the fact that the SEC defenses boasted a clear speed advantage to the Ohio State offense. Ohio State couldn't score and Florida and LSU blew them out as a result. This year, it's Florida's speed on offense and Tebow's ability to make plays that will likely decide this game, but I don't see Heisman winner Sam Bradford going down without a fight.

Florida 42 - Oklahoma 34

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Should've been Texas.