Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Derek Lowe to the Braves

The Mets lost out on the Derek Lowe sweepstakes when the Braves swooped in and signed him. The Braves and Lowe agreed to a 4-year deal worth $60 million while the Mets best offer was 3 years, $36 million.

The Mets have obviously had a change of heart from how they used to do business. They gave Glavine and Pedro multi-year deals when no one else would due to their age. If they had offered Lowe a fourth year earlier they might have gotten him. They are going through the same thing with Oliver Perez right now.

The reality is, the Mets could contend with the team they have right now. A starting pitcher or two and a bat for the middle of the order can put them over the top. Considering they are moving into a new stadium and the Yankees have been on an epic spending spree, I'm surprised they didn't pony up for Lowe.

On a side note, why isn't anyone signing Ben Sheets? I know he has a history of injuries and is now 30, but AJ Burnett has had injuries and isn't getting younger either. For my money, I'd rather have Sheets. His cost must be dropping so I think the Mets and Yankees (although especially the Mets) should go after this guy. If he can stay healthy, he's a number 1 starter.


Jimmy da Kid said...

I'd rather keep Perez. A nasty lefty with great stuff. Sheets will be on the DL by the All-Star break

Matt said...

the problem is...he is only nasty once every three or four times he takes the mound

Rich said...

who sheets or lowe? both are quality starters, but 60 bucks is a lot for lowe

Matt said...

I was referring to Oliver Perez. He brings no-hit stuff to the mound every 3 or 4 outings.

I think the reason that people are weary of Sheets is that he has both shoulder and elbow issues, i'd say burnett was a slightly safer bet.

BETA said...

Dave Megettt brings his No-means-yes rape game between the sheetz all the time.