Sunday, January 11, 2009

Giants lose 23-11

The Eagles defense was able to stifle the Giants offense when it mattered most and they were able to keep the Giants out of the end zone all day. That combined with 2 missed field goals created a frustrating day for the Giants offensively. The Eagles were able to do enough on offense to pull this one out, although they were helped immensely by an Asante Samuel interception that he returned inside the Giants five yard line. The result was a 23-11 victory for the Eagles, setting up an unpredictable NFC Championship Game between the Cardinals and the Eagles.

It will take some time to get perspective on the season, but a few things are apparent for the Giants going forward.

1. They need a play maker at receiver. I'm not saying it should be Plaxico Burress, but they have to replace his production on the field.
2. Justin Tuck had a good game despite being banged up, but having Osi Umenyiora back should make a big difference. Tuck was being doubled a lot and with Osi back in the fold that can't happen.
3. The Giants have a tough decision on Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward. Both had good years, but Jacobs was the primary guy. However, giving running backs big contracts almost never works out and considering his history of injuries and running style, the Giants are in a tough spot.

More to come, but today was certainly a tough day for Giants fans.

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Cal said...

Frustrating game. Eli looked terrible. The NFL is so unpredictable. Hopefully the Giants can regroup for next season.