Monday, January 12, 2009

Hall of Famers Announced

Today the MLB Hall of Fame announced that Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice will be the class of 2009.

I believe the hall should be only for the truly elite players and Rickey clearly makes the list, which is why I was glad to see he was a first ballot inductee.

Clearly, Rickey is the best lead off hitter of all time. He holds the career record for must runs scored (2295) and most stolen bases (1406). To give you an idea of the type of seasons he used to put up, in 1990 he won the AL MVP with the following stats: .325 Avg, .439 OBP, 119 R, 28 HR, 61 RBI, 65 SB.

Rickey played for many teams over 25 seasons including the Yankees and Mets. He played 4 full seasons for the Yankees from 1985 to 1988 and scored an average of 118 runs a year, making the all-star team in all 4 seasons.

Later in his career Rickey played for the Mets and helped them make a playoff run in 1999. He'll most be remembered for his time with the Oakland A's and will certainly be inducted wearing an A's hat.

Congrats to an all-time great.


Tom said...

Don't forget his stint with the Newark Bears.

Rich said...

How could I? But I don't think it counts toward the hall of fame.