Monday, January 5, 2009

Jets Candidate to be Fired?

This is a pretty bizarre story. The Jets are going to interview Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski who once worked closely with Brett Favre in Green Bay. What's strange is that Boston College has come out and said that if he interviews, he will be fired. Apparently Jagodzinski is going to interview anyway, which could set off the following chain of events:

1. Jagodzinski gets fired and BC pays Jagodzinski for 3 years
2. Jets decide that after firing Mangini they need to make a bigger splash and pass on Jagodzinski
3. Boston College, Jagodzinski, and the Jets wish this never happened

The other possibility is that the Jets management is so enamored with Favre that they have prematurely fired their coach, alienated their best players, and now are trying to hire a coach they think can pursuade Favre to stay.

Note to Woody Johnson: 22 interceptions.


Peter said...

If getting Jags makes Favre come back, I think it's a good thing. Who out there is better, the guy is a hall of famer.

The Jets need better recievers and then Favre will deliver. said...

Note to you. Best Quarterback ever. How do I know this. Most Wins ever. that is the only stat that counts. Wins and he delivers. When he was 8-3 no one thought he shoudl have retired. When he threw 6 touchdowns in one game nobody thought this is it this guy is washed up. The team collopased at the end. Not just Farve. You should look at the fact the Jets are cursed haha.