Monday, January 19, 2009

Jets Hire Rex Ryan

The Jets and Rex Ryan have agreed on a 4-year deal shortly after the Ravens' loss in the AFC Championship Game. I've been outspoken about my displeasure with the Mangini firing, especially if the Jets were going to hire some other unproven assistant coach. Rex Ryan is a fine coach, but I have major problems with the Jets for the following reasons.

1. Apparently the finalists for the position were Rex Ryan and Brian Schottenheimer. Brian Schottenheimer? Are you serious? Marty must have a large stake in Johnson and Johnson that Woody is worried about him selling. Didn't the Jets fire Mangini because he only managed 3 point against the Seahawks? Didn't the Jets fire Mangini because the team, including the offense, collapsed during the stretch? Didn't the Jets fire Mangini because he couldn't control Favre? AND YET Brian Schottenheimer almost gets the head coaching job? Are you SERIOUS?

2. Rex Ryan has zero head coaching experience. I'm not sure he's ever been the head coach of a high school team. He has two sons, I have to assume he's coached them, but it's unclear if he was head coach in any of those situations.

3. Rex Ryan was almost let go with Brian Billick last year. He interviewed for jobs with the Dolphins and Falcons and got neither.

4. Sure the Ravens defense is great. But do you think its because of Rex Ryan? He has two coaches on the field at the most important positions in Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Now, the Jets have pretty good players in David Harris and Kerry Rhodes at those positions, but I'm not going to embarrass David and Kerry by comparing them.

5. How good has former Ravens DC Marvin Lewis been with the Bengals. Not very.

Now, I'm sure Rex Ryan can coach. He may even be good for all I know. But there are a lot of question marks that make it a bad decision to fire Mangini. Does anyone believe Ryan has a greater chance of being successful? I don't see what would lead anyone to believe that. Also, had they kept Mangini for one more year and it still didn't work out, they'd have access to the free agent coaching class of 2010, which includes Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher, and Mike Holmgren. Instead, they replace their coach with yet another question mark.

Brian Schottenheimer? REALLY?


Matt said...

definitely does not seem like the Jets upgraded from Mangini

BETA said...

Rex is King

Leonard said...

Rex is fat

Tom said...

One thing to note about him losing the Dolphins and Falcons jobs- Both Mike Smith and Tony Sparano were finalists for coach of the year, so it's not like he lost out to Scott Linehan. Also, anyone's better than Herm, right?