Monday, January 5, 2009

Knicks beat Celtics

The Knicks finally scored a win against the Celtics for the first time at MSG since 2005. Wilson Chandler scored 31 and Al Harrington added 30 of his own in a 100-88 win.

The victory doesn't mean much for this season because the Knicks are struggling pretty badly and even a win over the Celtics won't change that. However, it is refreshing to see the Knicks finally beat the Big 3 after many lop-sided losses and trash talking.

Wilson Chandler is showing that Isiah didn't do everything wrong (I know, he did close to everything wrong). This guy can play and will be one of the few players on the team in 2010 (his contract isn't very big and goes through the 2010 season). It's especially exciting because he would complement any one of the big free agents in 2010.

Also worth noting is how good Al Harrington has been since being acquired. I really like Jamal Crawford and only liked the trade because it cleared cap space. However, Harrington has been a man on a mission averaging 23 points and 7 rebounds since joining the Knicks.


Niki T said...

Yeah Knicks. I still think this is the start of their comeback. It'll be like the '90s where they'll all hang at China Club to celebrate victory...woo!

gloria said...

not a sport lover, but its an interesting blog