Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mangini Hired; Jagodzinski Fired

It didn't take long for Eric Mangini to land on his feet. The Cleveland Browns have reportedly signed Eric Mangini to a four year deal bringing him back to where he started his NFL career as a ball boy in 1994. Now Mangini is far from a ball boy as he will be tasked with turning the Browns around.

As the Jets scramble to figure out who will be their next coach, the speed at which Mangini was hired should give them pause. As I've said from the start, firing him was an awful decision.

As reported last week, Jeff Jagodzinski was putting his job at risk by interviewing with the Jets this week. BC athletic director Gene DeFilippo gave Jagodzinski an ultimatum that if he interviewed with the Jets he would be fired and the AD followed through.

The Jets have the rare distinction of being responsible for the firing of two head coaches in one offseason.

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Gerard said...

I can't believe BC fired him. Who do they think they are?