Thursday, January 1, 2009

Playoff Preview

Picks for this week's playoffs games --

Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals

The Cards have been in a free-fall until last week against the Seahawks. They look like a team just happy to have made the playoffs. The Falcons turn around was among the most impressive in the NFL and have been building momentum. They were a last second John Kasay field goal from being the #2 seed with a bye. However, the Cards are 6-2 at home while the Falcons are only 4-4 on the road. Combine that with the Falcons starting a rookie quarterback (although an impressive one) and I'm going with the Cards in a tight one.

Cardinals 27 - Falcons 24

Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson is a little banged up but should be good to go. Even so the Vikings are still way too one dimensional to go up against a Jimmy Johnson defense. The challenge for Philadelphia will be on the offensive side of the ball. If they can get to 20 points they should go home with a win. My guess is that they will.

Eagles 23 - Vikings 14

Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers

Two of the hottest teams in the NFL meet in this rematch of last years division playoff game. Last year the Chargers spoiled the much anticipated AFC championship game between the Colts and Patriots. This year, I expect that Peyton Manning will out duel Phillip Rivers and the Colts will win in a shootout.

Colts 41 - Chargers 38

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are the comeback team of the year with the comeback player of the year in Chad Pennington. By beating the Jets in NY they made themselves the #3 seed and knocked out the Patriots. The Ravens still boast a formidable defense and have improved QB play out of rookie Joe Flacco. While I'm nervous about rookies in the playoffs, the Ravens defense is too good. I expect a similar result to the game earlier in the year between the Dolphins and Ravens.

Ravens 30 - Dolphins 13

If this were to play out this way the Giants will get the Eagles next week. If I'm Tom Coughlin I'd rather play either the Cards or the Falcons. I'm not saying the Eagles would beat the Giants, but they've played them tough twice this year already. Enjoy the games.

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Tom said...

Great analysis of this weekend's games. I especially agree with you about the NFC games. I'm excited about the opportunity to read this blog!

-Quinn Eide