Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rex Introduced

Rex Ryan was announced as Jets coach today at a press conference. I'm skeptical of this hire, but he was pretty convincing. They will play upbeat and physical according to Ryan. I love smash mouth football so if he can deliver God bless him. Only the future will tell.

I saw a rumor that the Jets were going to pursue Ray Lewis now that they have hired Rex Ryan. This certainly will not happen.

The Jets need the following this off-season:

Quarterback: If Brett comes back they have no choice, he's their starter. If not there aren't many great options out there. Jeff Garcia is probably the best available.

Reciever: They need a big play reciever. Coles and Cotchery are good, but they are both possession type players. Boldin is available, but it's not worth spending that much on a reciever. I like trying to draft Jeremy Maclin, but I think he'll be gone. TJ Housmanzadeh, Antonio Bryant, and Lance Moore are probably the three best free agents. None are great choices because TJ may be franchised and will cost a lot of money, Bryant is a nightmare in the locker room, and Moore is a restricted free agent so it will cost the Jets draft picks.

Cornerback: Most people believe they need one. I don't believe so because I think Lowery can do the job.

Luckily for the Jets they don't have many holes. But QB is a big one.


Matt said...

What about trading for Derek Anderson?

Rich said...

Derek Anderson is no good in my opinion and I think the Browns will ask for too much.

Also, I bet Mangini won't want to trade with the Jets.