Sunday, January 11, 2009

Upset Saturday in the NFL

I barely consider the Ravens victory an upset because I fully expected them to win. However, they really should've lost. They forced three turnovers when the Titans were driving deep into their territory and the Titans missed a field goal. I'm not taking any credit away from the Ravens, but they didn't play as well as I thought they would.

The real Cinderella story is the Arizona Cardinals. I thought for sure that the Panthers would handle them, but the Cardinals dominated Carolina on their home turf. This game was over by halftime. The final was 33-13, and it was 27-7 at halftime. I find myself liking the Cardinals because they are so fun to watch. Their style of offense makes for an entertaining game. We'll see how far they can take it, but to me they are the underdog team of 2009 and the Super Bowl is now in reach.

As for the Giants game the weather report is for it to be very cold, but no precipitation. That's a good thing because at a Giants-Eagles game you know snowballs would be a problem. Then again that would be fun to watch.

As said in an earlier post, I like the Giants 21-16. I think it will be close, but I could see the Giants running away with this one as well. The Eagles have looked good the last two weeks, but remember the Cowboys played awful and the Vikings don't have a quarterback. Also, the Eagles lost 10-3 to the Redskins in a must win for Philly the week before, so they aren't that good.

Enjoy the games.


pnut in philly said...

two sucky offenses, the least sucky of which actually won.

Go birds. Good luck against the cards, they looked sharper than either of these two teams.

Rich said...

The NFL is so touch and go now, the Cards could collapse next week. You got to like the Eagles in the next one, but who knows?