Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Joe? Why now?

I'm holding my tongue on Joe Torre's book because it's still unclear what he has really said and what he hasn't.

No matter what though, it's clear that he has made negative comments about his players and the Yankees. Why tarnish those years? The answer is money.

If these comments are true Torre really should be ashamed. He showed himself to be above it all during his time with the Yankees and is an all-time favorite of Yankee fans for his success, but also his class. I for one am pretty disappointed.


Niki T said...

I agree. He totally sold out the respect that the yankees are known for just for some cash. I hope no one buys his book.

BETA said...

He's the Dave Meggett of New York baseball. They could both learn a thing or two about class at my website.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the Yankees handled this situation poorly, but think Torre should have been the better man here and kept his mouth shut. He brought four rings to NY, which will undoubtedly be tarnished once this book is fully released.