Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A-Rod Interview

Alex Rodriguez's message was clearly, I did it, I'm sorry, and I'm a great player without it. I'm not sure if I'm being naive, but I believe him when he says he only used it from 2001-2003. But whether Alex likes it or not, you can't be the greatest of all-time if you are a cheater.

This has become a familiar tune:

1. Everyone was doing it and you needed to do it to keep up
2. I did it to help my team
3. I'm sorry to the fans

This is all old hat by now. But what I took from this interview that really struck me is what A-Rod didn't say. He almost said it. He almost said that baseball knew this was going on. That Selig, the owners, the players, the teams all knew it was going on. That's the even bigger story here. Selig's head has to roll. He can't take on the players or the players union because he was an accomplice. We need a new commissioner who can try to turn the page.

Here's the bulk of his interview. Wait for the long pause towards the beginning where you can see he wants to blame baseball. He wants to blame baseball for letting this happen. I think he wanted to say that he knows he is the most talented player in baseball. He was scared that players worse than him would be better than him if they took steroids and he didn't. Alex can't live with not being recognized as being the best so he did it. That's what he wants to say.


I believe Alex is a great player with or without steroids. I don't group him with Bonds who's career might have been over several years earlier if he didn't use steroids and he continued to use steroids even after everyone knew. But the fact remains, a cheat is a cheat is a cheat. I can't ever look at him the same.

This is pretty comical....

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Anonymous said...

You're not sure if you're being naive? You have a video of him lying on 60 minutes, and if you watched any of that press conference and came away with the feeling he's telling the truth, I have to doubt your credentials as a New Yorker.

I'm a $20M athlete, I took this stuff my idiot cousin gave me for three years on a regular schedule, but I have no idea what it did or how to use it. Sure, Alex.

Oh, and I stopped using immediately after becoming a Yankee. (Not that that means anything, he's a douchebag whether he took it in Texas, Seattle or NY)

For the record, that boy has been on juice since HIGH SCHOOL.