Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trade Deadline Looms

The NBA trade deadline looming, so let's take a look at what the local teams might do:


The Knicks would love to unload one of their longer dated contracts, namely Eddy Curry and Jared Jeffries. There is probably no interest in Curry and who could possibly want Jeffries?

At the same time the Knicks have two very marketable commodities in David Lee and Nate Robinson. Both are playing great basketball right now and could really help a playoff team. Why would the Knicks trade these players? Both a restricted free agents after this year. Someone will offer them contracts past 2010 and the Knicks may lose them for nothing. At this point Donnie Walsh needs to evaluate if the Knicks can get more now or via a sign and trade this summer. To me the sign and trade is a big risk.

No one will trade for Stephon Marbury unless they are looking to unload a contract, but this scenario is pretty irrelevant because the Knicks won't take a big contract back.

If the Knicks do anything they will have to move either Lee or Robinson. In order to make it worth it to them, look for Walsh to try and force either Curry or Jeffries on whichever team wants Lee or Robinson. It sounds like nothing is going to happen, but I wouldn't count anything out. Before people scream about trading Lee and Robinson, remember the D'Antoni effect. Everyone puts up bigger numbers under D'Antoni and thus have inflated value. If the Knicks can get back a 1st round pick plus some cap relief, they will make a move.


The Nets appear to be actively shopping Vince Carter. One rumor had them dealing Vince for Tracy McGrady but that's likely dead due to McGrady's injury (plus why would you want McGrady). Portland is also a possible destination for Vinsanity, but I personally don't think they need him. There's to much potential for corruption there. The Cavs claim to be out of it, but if they can convince NJ to trade him for Wally-World's expiring contract how could they pass up on that? Carter would be a nice complement to Lebron and take a lot of the scoring pressure off. A backcourt of Mo Williams, Vince Carter, and Lebron James would present a lot of match-up problems for the Cavs rivals.

My guess is the Nets sit tight and try to make a playoff run. Unless blown away, the Nets will sit back.

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